Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reaction to "Changing the Teaching of History, One Byte at a Time."

     In his November 14th post to Edutopia, Sam Wineburg discusses an issue facing history teachers worldwide. In an era where even the material captured in textbooks is suspect, as is much of the information on the web, how are we to train our students to cite evidence (one of the Common Core key shifts) when there are so many low-quality sources available? While Mr. Wineburg is clearly advertising the work of his group, his core point is that primary sources, ones originating from the periods being studied, are probably the most valuable in education. This a point I would certainly agree with- I enjoy guiding my students through the analysis and dissection of sources, which (sometimes) leads to engaging discussions. I have yet to avail myself of any of the lessons his group offers, but I am certainly considering them in planning upcoming units,

Wineburg, Sam. (2013, November 14). Changing the teaching of history, one byte at a time. Retrieved from