Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reaction to "The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class"

     In his post on Edutopia, educator Jon Bergmann speaks to what he believes is a teachers' biggest hurdle in "flipping" the classroom- the way teachers think about how to use their class time. I am certainly supportive of the notion that a flipped classroom helps students "learn how to learn"- I have embraced that concept since I began my teaching career. ( I often tell my students, especially in these days of Common Core shifts that I care more about their ability to read, write, and speak effectively than I do their ability to recite historial facts- history is just the vehicle I use to expand those abilities.....but I digress). However, my biggest hurdle to truly flipping my room is that, despite what media and others would have us believe, is that many of my students simply just do not have regular access to technology that would make a flipped classroom feasible. In my current position, I feel I would be flipping for maybe 60% of my students- the rest would require traditional instruction. For me, this is one of my largest personal struggles with this program- seeing all the ways in which technology can enhance instruction, but not being able to implement them with fidelity.

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